Manual Washing and Car Detailing in Brooklyn, NY

Hand Wash — Hand Washed Vehicles in Brooklyn, NY
At Golden Touch, car washing is our specialty. That is why, upon request, we take the time to wash each car individually and by hand. The clear advantage of this is the increased level of precision that happens when hand-washing vs machine-washing. Oil and dirt can accumulate in crevasses or tight, hard to reach places that are not easily cleanable by automated bristles. These spots are more easily washed by experienced professionals. The other advantage of hand washing your vehicle is the reduced possibility for damaging your vehicle. Automated brushes can leave small micro-scratches to your car's paint. Additionally, many car washes use a stronger detergent in an effort to more vigorously clean your vehicle. The drawback of this approach is that the detergent could, over time, cause damage to your car's finish.

Come by Golden Touch for a quality clean you can't get anywhere else.